Starved for Light

is a 2D platform-adventure game developed by the indie studio, Exiled Game Team.


The game features many systems known form different games and introduces few fresh ones. There are two different play styles divided between the main characters.


Iris's gameplay is more set on traditional gameplay and puzzle solving. However, the unique thing about her is discovered throughout the game. These features not only make the gameplay more unique as the time goes on but also shed some light on her character as well.


Lilyana on the other hoof is focused mainly on enemy combat and action while keeping platforming and puzzles more of a secondary thing.

The Story

The main characters are two alicorn sisters, Iris and Lilyana.

They live in their hometown, Terendell, leading a rather regulal life. Both of them make for a very happy family, always supporting each other in time of need.


Everyday they study, train and spend time together. This mutual support gives them hope. Hope that any dream can come true.

But something terrible is coming. Something that might just take away all that hope.


During this story, you'll be working towards discovering a truth behind the event that cursed your home with eternal night. But through that, our heroes will also find secrets that have never seen a light of day before. Is there a connection between them? Is the answer to them as simple as it seems?

Your journey might just give you answers. Or simply more questions.


The story is told not only through dialogs between characters but through everything we witness.

Main Protagonists


Despite being Lilyana's younger sister, Iris is the more clever of the two. Her active imagination helps her to overcome many problems that Lilyana can't.


Iris is Lilyana's moral compass, never hesitating to give kindness to everyone she meets.


Studying at the magic school, Lilyana strives to become a powerful mage so she can use her magic to help others. Lilyana is very capable, wise and strong—but she can be a bit reckless. Especially when Iris's safety is at risk.


Being her only family, she is responsible for her sister and will do anything to protect her.

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