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I've always loved the ocean and plan to spend my future studying it and all its creatures. My dream is to one day own a boat and spend my time with the fishies. Lovely isn't it?


A very interesting guy to know and hard working serving Marine living a adventure overseas. And just happens to like being a brony/MLP fan all around.


I love video games, MLP, and computers (IT) in that order. I'm a friendly gamer that got involved with MLP through work of all places. Friendship is truly magic.


A cute little cabbit with a big heart, who works hard despite her small size.


Very lazy and a coffee lover.

Lonerli Kiith

Military Brony living life as best as he can.


An adventuring world traveler set to live life to the fullest. I love story telling as it is the heart of life and to exchange tales of journey brings fire to my soul. I am supported by my Golden Doodle and together we explore the world!

Blue Streak

A shy, friendly guy who is quite imaginative and creative. MLP, Scifi, and Fantasy are my favorite subjects.

Blue Steel

A lazy music loving guy form the southern US with a passion for ponies, firearms, and all things computer.

Murphy Mao(祥林嫂)

A student who is preparing for college entrance examination.

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