Shine rays of hope upon a darkened world

Starved for Light is a single-player platforming game where you play as one of the two sisters named Iris and Lilyana. Explore different regions as you try to find answers to a new threat that casted eternal darkness on your homeland.

You’ll find many difficulties on your travels but also new friends as well.

As the world around you loses hope it’ll be up to you and your allies to find a way to combat the incoming storm and bring back the light.

“Don’t let the cute ponies make you think this is a colorful game for children. The darkest parts of this world may trick you with their magical appearance, and soon you’ll find it’s not easy to escape it.”

Barbara “Eljonek” Bukowska, Art Director

Frequently Asked Questions

 There are two characters. Does it mean it will be a co-op?
No. It’s a single player game. Both characters are unique in the way they play and you’ll be controlling both of them throughout different parts of the story.
Unfortunately no. The game is still in development and we’re working every day to bring it to completion. It’s really hard to predict an accurate release date this early. We’d prefer not to give away any time to avoid disappointment and make sure the game receives all the time it needs.

We plan to release a two demo versions much ealier than exact game. They will contain a gameplay featuring our two main characters and not contain the story of a main project. They will be free for everyone and it’ll let you try out our game!

The final game will be paid. We can’t say exact price since that will depend on many factors, but should be something around $10 to $20.
Our main target platform is Steam. It will also be the only initial platform. We do hope to consider moving to consoles as well if the game fares well enough.
Currently we plan to localize the game in Polish, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Czech and Simplified Chinese.

Just being a fan is supportive enough!

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