Our team is looking for a new elementary pieces that would help us to make Starved of Light even better game! You can check below what kind of people are we looking for now and if you match those conditions, don’t be afraid to send your application at job[at]starvedforlight.com. We’ll be more than happy to hire new co-workers!


We are looking for Unity programmers of all kind of specialities: Lightning, Shader programming, Enemy AI, Character control just to name a few. If you’re experienced in something particular, you’ll sure find your place with us!

Skills required:
 Basic understanding of most Unity features.
 At least intermediate ability to operate Unity.
 C# programming in Unity 2018.

Level Artist

As Level Artists you’ll need to work together with Concept artists and designers to create final compositions of individual levels.

Skills required:
 Good vector drawing skills.
 Experience in such programs as Ai or Affinity Designer.
 Creating beautiful level layouts.
 Understanding of 2.5D scenes.